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Compact Mopping System

Cleanroom Mops

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TruCLEAN Mopping Systems

The Original Cleanroom Mop

TruCLEAN Sponge is the first mop designed specifically for use in controlled environments and the preferred choice among critical cleaning professionals worldwide.

Featured Products

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop, Sterile



Gamma sterilized and validated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 per AAMI standards. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, and ceilings. Designed specifically for use in high-grade cleanrooms.




Knitted from REPREVE recycled fiber, 100% continuous filament with unprecedented levels of quality assurance and cleaning performance. Double-knit, no-run interlock design guarantees maximum abrasion resistance.

TruCLEAN Aluminum Mop Frame


NEW! Hybrid Mop Frame

Lightweight aluminum and high-grade stainless-steel swivel mop frame. Low-profile design is easy to maneuver over floors, walls, ceilings and other hard to reach areas. Accurately balanced for continuous contact at any angle.

Laboratory Brushes - Under $25!​

Stainless steel handle with high-quality polyester fibers. Non-abrasive, will not rust, corrode, or oxidize. Rinses clean and odor free. 

Quick-Dry Foam Squeegees​

Heavy-duty neoprene foam ideal for floor chemical applications. Quickly wipe surfaces dry and nearly streak-free.

Premier Supplier Of Critical Cleaning Tools

Perfex Corporation is a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning tools designed for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. With nearly 100 years in business, our knowledge of the cleaning industry is unparalleled. Based in Poland, New York, we were founded on the idea that cleaning tools should be designed to eliminate associated safety issues. To this day, we develop each product with the same idea in mind.

Perfex cleaning tools are manufactured from high-grade materials to address the hygienic concerns of today's critical environments. We are the pioneers of heat-fused brushware and TruCLEAN disinfection systems. Our customer service team is trained to identify the best cleaning tools to meet and exceed your sanitation goals. Shop our collection of professional cleaning tools including, brooms, brushes, laboratory brushes, squeegees, cleanroom mops, mopping systems, and more.

We're excited to announce that PERFEX is now featured on the Metoree website. Explore our product range in the Cleanroom Cleaning Equipment category. Metoree is a industrial product comparison platform serving engineers and researchers across more than 5000 categories, including cleanroom supplies, cleaning tools, and much more. 

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