- Since 1924 -

We Supply High-quality Cleaning Tools for Critical Manufacturing Environments.

Who We Are​

Manufacturer of professional grade cleaning tools designed specifically for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing environments.

How It Started​

Established in 1924 as the Brooklyn Fiber Broom Company, our founder believed cleaning tools should be designed to eliminate associated safety issues.

Why Choose Us​

To this day we develop each product with the same idea in mind. Reliable tools, made from quality materials, to address todays hygienic concerns.

Here and Now

Our TruCLEAN product line leads the critical cleaning industry with autoclave compatible mopping systems built for ultra-high cleanroom standards.

At Perfex, we’re always looking for ways to improve the essential cleaning tools you rely on every day.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Food & Beverage Processing

  • Facilities & Maintenance

  • Mopping Systems

  • Brooms & Brushes

  • Material Handling Tools

Our professional support team is trained to assist you in finding the ideal products to meet and exceed your sanitation goals. This passion keeps us constantly on the move, expanding and improving the cleaning tools you need to succeed.

Cleaning Tools for Critical Environments


The History of Perfex

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