Microfiber Mop Cover (25 pcs.)

Continuous filament microfiber with double-knit, no-run interlocking design. (#22-37)


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TruCLEAN Mop Covers provide an unprecedented level of quality assurance and cleaning performance. Knitted from 100% continuous filament microfiber material. Double-knit, no-run interlock design guarantees maximum abrasion resistance. Ultra-low particle generation and extractables with excellent surface coherence.

Mop Cover fits securely over TruCLEAN Sponge Mops, together they provide a simple and efficient instrument for applying cleaning solution to large surface areas without compromising particulate control and wiping protocols. Cleanroom laundered and packaged for use in sterile environments. Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization.

Product Specs

Dimensions: 17″ x 5″

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