Scrub Brush


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Stiff poly fibers aggressively scrub baked-on deposits and conform to a variety of irregular surfaces. Will not collapse under powerful scrubbing. Polypropylene fibers are heat-fused onto impact-resistant polymer block, eliminating premature fiber fallout and areas for contaminants to collect. Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Durable fibers maintain shape and are color-coded to isolate areas of use.

Poly block and fibers are non-conductive, will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors like nylon or natural fibers. Unaffected by water, grease, detergents, sanitizers, solvents, and petroleum products.

Clean brushes after every use, disinfect between use if necessary. Replace worn brushes to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Product Specs

Overall Length: 9 ⅝”
Width: 3″
Fiber Trim: 1 ¾”

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